Partner Equality Group

Partner Equality Group

Starting in September of 2020, Skipped Parts will be running a domestic abuse intervention program using the Duluth Model curriculum. We are calling this our Partner Equality group. This is a 20-week closed group. Our first group will be for existing Skipped Parts clients for whom this is a prominent treatment issue and who would benefit from this programming to further reduce their risk for reoffending. We believe that the information presented in this group connects well with risk factors related to intimacy deficits and hostility towards women. We are excited to offer this risk-relevant programming as we further expand our clinical offerings.

Following our inaugural group, we will open registration for this group to individuals who need domestic violence programming. This includes self-referrals, court-ordered referrals, or referrals from other parties/agencies (e.g. child protection or other human services agencies).

Participants will be issued a certificate of completion upon completion of the group requirements.

Trained Facilitators

The Skipped Parts staff who facilitate the Partner Equality group have undergone training by the Domestic Violence Intervention Programs in Duluth, Minnesota, which qualifies them to facilitate this curriculum.

Please contact Marie Grace, MA, LMFT, co-CEO and Clinical Director, if you have more questions about our Partner Equality Group.