About Us

Image of co-owners and Clinical Directors, Katherine Farrington and Marie Grace.

Katherine (Katie) Farrington (right) & Marie Grace (left)

Let us introduce ourselves:

Skipped Parts, LLC was founded in June of 2014 by Katherine Farrington and Marie Grace.

We started our agency after working throughout the State of Minnesota with persons who have sexually abused. After working in the civil commitment program, prison system, and at various outpatient programs, we determined there was another level of community care that should be offered not only to adults and adolescents who engage in harmful and/or illegal sexual behavior, but also for their family members and loved ones who have been impacted by sexual abuse.

Though we originally set out to offer community-based services to lower risk folks and their family members/loved ones, we have extensive experience working with persons of all risk levels. We also often work with individuals who have been terminated from other programs or who have different responsivity needs.

Skipped Parts, LLC is an agency that takes pride in delivering services that are consistent with research and ATSA practice guidelines, that are sex-positive, creative, and focused on connection.

It is the mission of Skipped Parts, LLC to reduce sexual violence, empower our clients with knowledge about healthy sexuality and relationships, and help our clients heal from sexual trauma. We do this by providing therapy and assessment services that comply with best practices. We emphasize wellness, advocacy, creativity, and relationships and provide a safe, nurturing place for our clients to grow.

Skipped Parts uses research-based guidelines and sexual health models to inform the work we do with our clients, rather than using moralistic approaches or relying on individual opinions/biases. We are committed to using non-judgmental approaches in our work with all clients.

We have developed a reputation of providing research-based and up--to-date services and have worked with over 31 counties throughout the State of Minnesota.

If you wish to make a referral, please complete our referral form (below). Please submit the completed referral form to us at admin@skippedpartscounseling.com or fax it to 507-289-3734. Please note that we are in the office less as a result of COVID-19, so email is the most efficient way to submit a new referral.

Minnesota County map, with the counties with whom Skipped Parts has worked shaded in the color green.
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