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The Child and Family Services Division at Skipped Parts, LLC provides therapy to children, parents, and families.

  • We provide parent support and resources

  • We discuss boundaries, consent, and sexual development

  • We help families heal

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Child Sexual Behavior Problems

It is important to understand context, the whole picture, when children act out sexually. In order to understand children's sexual behavior problems, some things to consider can include:

  • Sexual development

  • Abuse and trauma history

  • Body knowledge

  • Religious beliefs

  • Adult/parents responses/reactions to the behavior

Skipped Parts, LLC encourages families, and other agencies, to focus on helping children whose behaviors are inappropriate for their developmental stage.

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Child Sexual Behavior Evaluations

We are often contacted about providing psychosexual evaluations for children. When children are under the age of 12, a psychosexual evaluation is not appropriate. These evaluations are forensic evaluations that are typically conducted when someone has offended and is going through the criminal justice system. For young children (under age 12), we must understand their behavior within context. Instead of a psychosexual evaluation, we encourage an approach to services that does not characterize the child as an offender. Child sexual behavior assessments focus on individual risk factors and risk factors within the child's social and physical environment. Risk is contextual; it is a function of the individual and the individual in his or her environment (Massachusetts Adolescent Sex Offender Coalition, 2015). For children, risk for continued problematic sexual behaviors may be a result of environments that provide low/inadequate supervision, access to potential victims, and overwhelming emotional demands or stress.

Cost of evaluation: $2,750

We do not bill insurance for these evaluations.

If your child/family will be working with us in therapy, this type of evaluation is incorporated into those services and is not billed separately.

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