Parenting Without Power and Control Group

This group is for:

Adult Males

Men who have committed sexual offenses who are currently fathers, are expecting fathers, desire to be fathers in the future, or who desire to reconnect with their children. 

Men who have offended against their child(ren) or a child(ren) who was in their care. 

Men who have caused harm towards their child's mother or mother figure. 

The Parenting Group is a reflective, systemic process aimed to help clients: 

Rediscover their roles as fathers

Learn how to be intentional in their roles as fathers, while operating out of compassion, safety, and care for their children in nonviolent ways

Become respectful and supportive co-parents towards their children’s mother(s), regardless of their relationship status

Honor the mother-child relationship

Examine their own childhood experiences being raised by their fathers

Analyze the generational fatherhood roles in their family and what they learned about what it means to be a father

Identify their core values and beliefs about their roles as fathers and discover what shaped these generationally within their family system

Challenge and change abusive beliefs, working to end systemic violence in families

Skipped Parts, LLC. uses material adapted from Addressing Fatherhood by Men Who Batter: A Curriculum for Working with Abusive Men as Fathers in a Batterers Intervention Program, by Advocates for Family Peace (2010).

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