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Psychosexual Evaluations – We do not bill insurance for psychosexual evaluations. The cost of evaluations is $1800 for juveniles – and $2100 for adults. If testimony is requested, we ask this be requested at the time of referral, for assessment clients, so that we can plan ahead for court dates in our schedule. The cost of testimony is separate from the cost of evaluations. Skipped Parts, LLC has developed a reputation of providing research-guided evaluations with clear recommendations for courts and probation to consider and use for decision making with people who have sexually offended. When we conduct these assessments, we uphold the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA) 2014 guidelines for psychosexual assessments by reviewing the client’s risk for recidivism, identifying strengths and discussing protective factors relative to the client, providing recommended types and intensity of interventions, identifying criminogenic needs/dynamic risk factors to be targeted through interventions, and commenting on responsivity factors that may impact the client’s response to interventions. Since our inception four years ago, we have provided sex offense specific therapy and/or psychosexual evaluations in over thirty-one Minnesota counties. We are not traveling for evaluations at this time - we are conducting them virtually.

Sex Offense Treatment (Sex Offender Treatment): We provide this service using individual couples and family sessions as well as group sessions depending on client needs. We espouse the Risk Needs Responsivity (Andrews and Bonta, 2006) model described in the ATSA- guidelines. We use this model to provide assessment guided treatment for people who have been charged with sexual offending.

Risk: The risk principal states that the level of intervention for someone who has sexually offended should match the individual’s risk. A person who is high risk of re-offending should be administered high intensity levels of intervention. For adult males, we use the STABLE-2007 combined with the STATIC-99 to understand risk. For male adolescents, we use the PROFESOR developed by Dr. James Worling, Ph.D. C.Psych.

Needs: The need principal states that individuals have the greatest success when treatment addresses the specific dynamic needs of the individual.

Responsivity: The responsivity principal states that treatment works best when it is delivered in ways that encourage engagement as opposed to confrontational approaches that create an adversarial relationship with folks. The responsivity principal also states that treatment works best when it is delivered in a manner that is able to address and/or accommodate the learning styles, mental health concerns, trauma history etc. Responsivity issues are concerns that may impede a treatment-as-usual approach and result in “resistance” or perception of “unamendability.

Skipped Parts, LLC uses Dennis Dailey’s Circles of Sexuality as a model to help clients understand “healthy sexuality.” Skipped Parts, LLC does not use a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment and adheres to these principals. We are able to provide specialized services such as EMDR and hypnosis in order to assist clients who are “stuck,” have a traumatic history or have chronic behavior patterns such as personality disorders or SPMI diagnoses.

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Individual, Couples or Family Therapy – Skipped Parts, LLC specializes in sex offense specific therapy. However, therapists are trained and experienced in mental health related concerns and will accept referrals for non-sex offense therapy based on availability of the therapist.

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