Please utilize the dropdown menu option under "Services" for more information about each of the services we provide. 

We offer a number of services at Skipped Parts, LLC. Please select the service you are interested in from the drop down under "services" in our menu. 

services marked with a * are never billed to insurance


Intake Session: $250

Individual Session: $195

Group Session: $80 

Psychosexual Assessment: $2,750* (for adolescents/juveniles and adults)

Child Sexual Behavior Assessment: $2,750*

Family Assessment: $3,750*

Intake Session - DV program: $75*

Individual Session - DV program: $75*

Group Session - DV program: $50*

Expert Testimony: please contact Katie and Marie to discuss. The fee for assessments above does not include testimony. 

Public Speaking/Training: please contact Katie and Marie to discuss.

Health Insurance

We accept MOST insurance plans. 

We DO NOT accept Medicare or Health Partners.