It is the mission of Skipped Parts, LLC to reduce sexual violence, empower our clients with knowledge about healthy sexuality and relationships, and help our clients heal from sexual trauma. We do this by providing therapy and assessment services that comply with best practices. We emphasize wellness, advocacy, creativity, and relationships and provide a safe, nurturing place for our clients to grow.

It takes courage to seek help.

We want you to know:

  • Skipped Parts, LLC therapists use strengths-based and non-shaming approaches with clients.

  • Skipped Parts, LLC is a secular agency and provides therapeutic services for clients using scientific information and evidenced-based practices.

  • Skipped Parts, LLC supports and encourages clients to engage in practices that are healthy and that match their own spiritual beliefs.

  • Skipped Parts, LLC does not impose beliefs or judgement on clients who are seeking help.

Skipped Parts, LLC is available to provide telehealth therapy services to anyone who feels they are in need of some extra support during this difficult time. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we would like to be available for help and support to our communities as a whole, instead of only remaining focused on the specific niche of clients we specialize in working with.

We are all licensed or license-eligible mental health providers with experience working with a number of presenting concerns, to include increased stress, anxiety, and uncertainty - things many are likely feeling during this difficult time.

To initiate services, please contact us at the email address or either of the phone numbers listed below. We will be able to start you sessions within approximately two weeks of hearing from you.

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