Insurance Billing

Health Insurance Information

Skipped Parts, LLC. accepts insurance for treatment/therapy services. We do not accept/bill insurance for psychosexual assessments. 

We do not accept Health Partners or Medicare. 

It is a client's responsibility to make sure that Skipped Parts, LLC. has their accurate, up-to-date insurance information. Clients can easily update their insurance information via the client portal. 

Client's must provide Skipped Parts, LLC. with their insurance information before their intake session can be scheduled. We will verify your insurance benefits ahead of your scheduled intake appointment. 

Clients are expected to contact their insurance company for questions that they have about their insurance or their insurance coverage. Skipped Parts, LLC. does not contact health insurance companies on a client's behalf for purposes outside of billing. 

If there are lapses in insurance coverage, clients may be billed privately. We are only able to back bill three months. Outside of that range, clients will need to pay for services out-of-pocket and then communicate separately with their insurance company about submitting for reimbursement. Invoices/receipts are available for payments made via the client portal. 

Skipped Parts, LLC. is not a Medicare provider and does not plan to become one. We do not accept Medicare. If clients have Medicare and secondary insurance coverage, clients must request a letter from Medicare stating that Medicare will waive coverage, so that claims can be submitted to a client's secondary insurance provider. To date, the only insurance company who has made such an arrangement with Skipped Parts, LLC. is South Country Health Alliance. Skipped Parts, LLC. will not do any coordinating, communicating, or requesting directly to Medicare.