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Skipped Parts, LLC is a partnership that is owned and operated by Marie Grace, MA, LMFT and business partner Katherine Farrington, MA, LPCC who have over 24 years combined experience and training in the field of sex offense treatment in community based, forensic and secure settings.

Clinical Directors

Image of Katherine Farrington

Katherine Farrington, MA, LPCC (she/her)

Katherine (Katie) is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) and has worked in both inpatient and outpatient therapy. Katie is experienced in providing group therapy, couple's therapy, family therapy, and individual therapy. Katie specializes in working with clients who have engaged in harmful sexual behavior, whose sexual behavior is problematic, or who have sexually abused. Additionally, Katie has expertise in conducting psychosexual evaluations. Katie has worked in the field of sex offense specific treatment and assessment since 2011. 

Katie is a BBHT board-approved supervisor, member of the MnATSA board (elected 2020), and has received specialized training in actuarial risk assessments, sexual interest testing, and sand-tray therapy. Katie, along with business partner Marie Grace, has conducted numerous trainings throughout Minnesota about sex-offense specific treatment, sensuality, and working with adolescents with harmful sexual behaviors. 

Katie's other professional interests include sex therapy and continued involvement with the ATSA and MnATSA organizations.

In her spare time, Katie enjoys reading, musical theater (as a spectator, not performer!), puzzle/escape rooms, playing board games, hiking, and water sports. 

"For there is always light, if only we're brave enough to see it." - Amanda Gorman

Katherine can be reached at kfarrington@skippedpartscounseling.com

Katherine is licensed in Minnesota and Iowa. She is one of the owners of Skipped Parts, LLC., along with Marie. 

Image of Marie Grace

Marie Grace, MA, LMFT (she/her) - currently on leave

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist and am a board approved supervisor for LMFT and LPCC licenses. I am trained in somatic psychotherapy and I believe that people are not good or bad even when they have some troubling or even harmful behavior. I believe that there is no wrong way to be a person in the world and view all behaviors and choices as a reflection and collection of what has built up inside of or is part of the person making the choice. As a therapist this is reflected in my ability to establish relationships with my clients from a place of curiosity and non-judgment. When I work with couples and families, I assist clients in stepping away from blaming one another for conflicts or problems and taking steps toward identifying patterns of interaction that have contributed to unwanted results.

I have worked with families who are incarcerated at the women’s prison and have participated on a treatment court for single mothers with chemical dependency and mental health issues. I have developed family support programing in larger systems that I have worked in and have developed the Child and Family Programming here at Skipped Parts, LLC where we provide family and couple interventions for clients who are also receiving sex offense treatment. We strive to repair relationships that have been harmed by sexual abuse and complex issues related to sexual behavior in family relationships.

When I work with individuals and families involved in the criminal justice system, I maintain the same non-judgmental and non-confrontational stance to work toward facilitating change and promoting safety and sexual health. 

"It's very hard to be proud of your own sexuality when it hasn't brought you any joy. Once it's associated with joy and love, it's easy to be proud of who you are." - George Michael

Marie can be reached at mgrace@skippedpartscounseling.com. While Marie is on leave, please contact Katie with any inquiries. 

Marie is licensed in Minnesota. She is one of the owners of Skipped Parts, LLC., along with Katie. 


Image of Ashley Wentzel

Ashley Wentzel, MA, LMFT

Lead Therapist - Child and Family Services Division

Ashley received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Saint Catherine University and then attended graduate school at Argosy University for her master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT).  She has professional experience in providing sex offense specific treatment and therapeutic services to adults.  She holds certification in administering sexual risk assessment tools.

Ashley pulls from various therapeutic models to help best promote the healing process, while tailoring her approach to best fit the needs and goals of the individual and their family.  In her work, she includes the agency’s approach by viewing the sexual behavior(s) through a developmental lens, as this aids parents with attending to their child’s behaviors in a way that is compassionate and developmentally appropriate.  Additionally, she will work with families to heal attachment wounds, while also helping them embrace their inner super powers (protective factors / strengths).  As a relational therapist, her fundamental approach is that of a systemic one.  When we are faced with challenging times, it not only affects the individual person, as it also has great impacts on the larger system, the family.  This systemic approach allows for the individual to heal as well as their loved ones.  

Personally and professionally, Ashley is passionate about implementing Mindfulness practices into everyday life.  This technique allows for individuals and their families to learn skills, such as looking at the problem behavior through a non-judgmental lens, which then allows for a greater space of healing (including that of accountability), instead of being stuck in a toxic place of shame and blaming.      

Ashley facilitates the Parenting Without Power and Control Group and sees clients in individual, couple's, and family therapy at Skipped Parts, LLC.

Ashley can be reached at awentzel@skippedpartscounseling.com

Ashley is licensed in Minnesota. 

Image of Ashley Brown

 Ashley Brown, MA (she/her) - currently on leave


I graduated with my Bachelor's Degree in Health Sciences in 2014 and struggled to find what path I wanted to go down for my career. Being a therapist had come up here and there and when I finally jumped in to enroll in school again and start my career, I knew that it was exactly what I had been missing. I never felt complete or happy in the work I was doing and becoming a therapist has been very fulfilling and eye opening and I have so much more to learn and experience. 

Ashley is pursuing licensure as an LPCC. 

I am excited to expand my knowledge and grow here at Skipped Parts, LLC. 

Ashley conducts intake assessments and facilitates group and individual therapy at Skipped Parts, LLC.

Ashley can be reached at abrown@skippedpartscounseling.com. While Ashley is on leave, please contact Katie with any inquiries. 

Claire Richards, MS


Claire received her Master's in Science for Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Winona State University. Previously, Claire worked as a case manager for individuals receiving support with independent living skills and mental health case management. Claire's theoretical orientations align mostly with feminist and relational-cultural theory, and emotion focused theory. Along with using the treatment model of Skipped Parts, LLC., Claire incorporates techniques that focus on attachment trauma, mindfulness practices, and polyvagal theory. Claire enjoys pulling from her background in the arts - theater specifically - by incorporating aspects of narrative therapy, music, and humor into her sessions. Claire has aspirations to continue her interests and previous work in psychological research and publication and appreciates the support that Skipped Parts, LLC. provides by furthering her knowledge of current evidence-based research in the field of sexual behavior. 

Outside of her professional life, Claire enjoys supporting local art, cheese, and starting new hobbies (emphasis on the starting). 

Claire is pursuing licensure as an LPCC. 

Claire facilitates group and individual therapy at Skipped Parts, LLC. 

Claire can be reached at crichards@skippedpartscounseling.com.

Education and Outreach

Image of Sarah Soderlund

Sarah Soderlund, MA (she/her)

Education and Community Outreach Coordinator & Mental Health Practitioner

Sarah has been a part of the Skipped Parts, LLC team since May of 2021. 

Sarah graduated with honors from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology with a master’s degree in Forensic Psychology with specialties in Neurolinguistic Programming.  Sarah holds undergraduate degrees from Columbia and Rasmussen for behavioral psychology, criminal justice, sociology and Minnesota Law Enforcement with which she hopes to help others transform from crisis.  From Missouri to Minnesota, Sarah has worked with violent offenders and those in addiction recovery.  Her current PhD dissertation is on the assessment and treatment of psychopathy in America and is under mentorship from the University of CA-Berkley. 

Sarah has additional interests in theology and the attachments to ethics and personal belief systems. Sarah provides behavioral treatment programs that uniquely integrate lifestyle adjustments and support systems outside of just clinical settings to help encourage and maintain overall health.  She uses a non-judgmental and direct approach.  

Out of the office, Sarah enjoys reading, writing, spending time with family as they travel to strange corners of the world and runs and operates a portrait photography business in northern Minnesota.

Sarah facilitates the Domestic Violence Program and the Treatment Readiness group at Skipped Parts, LLC. She is also the coordinator for community education and outreach at Skipped Parts, LLC. 

Sarah can be reached at ssoderlund@skippedpartscounseling.com.  

Support Staff

Kayla Knott

Office Manager

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Kayla can be reached at kknott@skippedpartscounseling.com


Bobbi Falde


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Bobbi can be reached at bfalde@skippedpartscounseling.com.  

Kari Hammer


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Kari can be reached at khammer@skippedpartscounseling.com.