Our Therapists

Skipped Parts, LLC is a partnership that is owned and operated by Marie Grace, MA, LMFT and business partner Katherine Farrington, MA, LPCC who have over 18 years combined experience and training in the field of sex offense treatment in community based, forensic and secure settings.

Katherine Farrington, MA, LPCC (she/her)

co-CEO and Clinical Director - Twin Cities and Brainerd, MN

Katherine (Katie) is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) and has worked in both inpatient and outpatient therapy. Katherine is experienced in providing group therapy, couple's therapy, family therapy, and individual therapy. Katherine specializes in working with clients who have engaged in harmful sexual behavior, whose sexual behavior is problematic, or who have sexually abused. Additionally, Katherine has expertise in conducting psychosexual evaluations.

Katherine is a BBHT board-approved supervisor, member of the MnATSA board (elected 2020), and has received specialized training in actuarial risk assessments, sexual interest testing, and sand-tray therapy. Katherine, along with business partner Marie Grace, has conducted numerous trainings throughout Minnesota about sex-offense specific treatment, sensuality, and working with adolescents with harmful sexual behaviors.

Katherine can be reached at kfarrington@skippedpartscounseling.com.

Marie Grace, MA, LMFT (she/her)

co-CEO and Clinical Director - Rochester, MN

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist and am a board approved supervisor for LMFT and LPCC licenses. I am trained in somatic psychotherapy and I believe that people are not good or bad even when they have some troubling or even harmful behavior. I believe that there is no wrong way to be a person in the world and view all behaviors and choices as a reflection and collection of what has built up inside of or is part of the person making the choice. As a therapist this is reflected in my ability to establish relationships with my clients from a place of curiosity and non-judgment.

When I work with couples and families, I assist clients in stepping away from blaming one another for conflicts or problems and taking steps toward identifying patterns of interaction that have contributed to unwanted results.

I have worked with families who are incarcerated at the women’s prison and have participated on a treatment court for single mothers with chemical dependency and mental health issues. I have developed family support programing in larger systems that I have worked in and have developed the Child and Family Programming here at Skipped Parts, LLC where we provide family and couple interventions for clients who are also receiving sex offense treatment. We strive to repair relationships that have been harmed by sexual abuse and complex issues related to sexual behavior in family relationships.

When I work with individuals and families involved in the criminal justice system, I maintain the same non-judgmental and non-confrontational stance to work toward facilitating change and promoting safety and sexual health.

"It's very hard to be proud of your own sexuality when it hasn't brought you any joy. Once it's associated with joy and love, it's easy to be proud of who you are." - George Michael

Marie can be reached at mgrace@skippedpartscounseling.com

Ashley Wentzel, MA, LAMFT

Therapist - Child and Family Services Division

Ashley received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Saint Catherine University and then attended graduate school at Argosy University for her master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT). Ashley’s currently pursuing licensure as a LMFT. She has professional experience in providing sex offense specific treatment and therapeutic services to adults. She holds certification in administering sexual risk assessment tools.

Ashley pulls from various therapeutic models to help best promote the healing process, while tailoring her approach to best fit the needs and goals of the individual and their family. In her work, she includes the agency’s approach by viewing the sexual behavior(s) through a developmental lens, as this aids parents with attending to their child’s behaviors in a way that is compassionate and developmentally appropriate. Additionally, she will work with families to heal attachment wounds, while also helping them embrace their inner super powers (protective factors / strengths). As a relational therapist, her fundamental approach is that of a systemic one. When we are faced with challenging times, it not only affects the individual person, as it also has great impacts on the larger system, the family. This systemic approach allows for the individual to heal as well as their loved ones.

Personally and professionally, Ashley is passionate about implementing Mindfulness practices into everyday life. This technique allows for individuals and their families to learn skills, such as looking at the problem behavior through a non-judgmental lens, which then allows for a greater space of healing (including that of accountability), instead of being stuck in a toxic place of shame and blaming.

Ashley can be reached at awentzel@skippedpartscounseling.com.

Thulr Odinsson, MA


Thulr is an analytically-informed therapist, who strives to live and work from a place of Multiple Truth, acknowledging and honoring the unique, yet interwoven experience of each person. Each of us learns to find our way in the world from our earliest experiences onward, each impactful relationship shaping and informing how we come to see ourselves and the world around us. While much of how we see and act in the world comes from a place of conscious awareness, we are also moved by our unconscious, by feelings and beliefs of which lie outside our unawareness. Thulr sees the work of therapy as a collaborative effort, endeavoring to uncover, open space for, and understand influences at the root of a patient’s suffering, as a means of working through and finding healing. Thulr has experience working with trauma, dissociative disorders, depression, anxiety, life transitions, and existential issues. Thulr has experience working with people from a broad array of cultural backgrounds, including ethnic, religious, and LGBTQ diversities.

Thulr received his Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies from the University of Minnesota, wherein he focused on Esotericism and Religious Experience. Thulr continues to explore religion, spirituality, mythology, and philosophy in his spare time and maintains a daily meditation practice. This background informs Thulr’s way of being with patients, including an integration of mindfulness into his Analytically-informed method of therapy.

After a short hiatus of reflection in the Rocky Mountains, Thulr returned to Minnesota with a renewed sense of direction and completed a master’s degree in the Counseling and Psychological Services program at Saint Mary’s University in Minneapolis. Continuing on this path, Thulr also pursued the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Training Program through the Minnesota Psychoanalytic Society and Institute of Minnesota, from which he obtained his certificate of completion in the spring of 2020.

When not in the office, Thulr also enjoys reading, writing, listening to music, cycling on remote, gravel roads, and backpacking in the North Woods.

Thulr can be reached at todinsson@skippedpartscounseling.com.

Sarah Soderlund, MA (she/her)


Sarah joined the Skipped Parts, LLC team in May of 2021. Stay tuned for her bio.

Sarah can be reached at ssoderlund@skippedpartscounseling.com.

Ashley Brown, MA (she/her)


I am a new graduate and am very excited to be a part of Skipped Parts, LLC!

I graduated with my Bachelor's Degree in Health Sciences in 2014 and struggled to find what path I wanted to go down for my career. Being a therapist had come up here and there and when I finally jumped in to enroll in school again and start my career, I knew that it was exactly what I had been missing. I never felt complete or happy in the work I was doing and becoming a therapist has been very fulfilling and eye opening and I have so much more to learn and experience.

I am excited to expand my knowledge and grow here at Skipped Parts, LLC.

Ashley can be reached at abrown@skippedpartscounseling.com.

Andretta Ward, MS


Andretta received her MS Marriage and Family Therapy from Capella University. Andretta has experience working with individuals, couples, and families in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Andretta has experience working with individuals diagnosed with PTSD, depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, and co-occurring disorders. She is trained in TF-CBT and DBT skills. Andretta utilizes strength based therapeutic models to assist her with meeting the needs of clients. Andretta takes an empathetic, direct, and nonjudgmental stance when working with clients to assist them with creating positive change. Andretta believes that all individuals possess the ability to create change. However, sometimes it takes someone to walk alongside you to help identify barriers that are getting in the way of creating changes. Utilizing a collaborative approach, Andretta seeks to understand client’s perspectives to assist with enhancing their overall wellbeing.

“Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that's very important for good health”. Dalai Lama

Andretta can be reached at award@skippedpartscounseling.com.

Courtney Menten, MS, LPCC


Courtney joined the Skipped Parts, LLC team in August of 2021. Stay tuned for her bio!

Courtney can be reached at cmenten@skippedpartscounseling.com.