Psychosexual Evaluations

We currently have a waitlist for Psychosexual Evaluations. Please contact our Office Manager, Kayla Knott at to be added to the waitlist. Thank you!

We are currently accepting a lower volume of assessment referrals due to the extended leave of one of our assessors. Please contact Kayla with any questions.

If you are a professional making a referral for an evaluation, please provide any/all records you are able to share at the time of your referral. Please note that we need record of the official version of the offense/alleged offense, which is most commonly the Complaint or Juvenile Petition.

We are not currently accepting referrals for expedited evaluations. If/when this changes, we will update here.

We are not currently conducting evaluations for clients who are in custody. Exceptions may be requested for any metro or Rochester, MN area counties, but are not guaranteed.

Information About Evaluations

We are conducting psychosexual evaluations either in person or via telehealth. We complete some testing via virtual administration, but other testing we need to complete in office since there are no virtual administration options. 

Clients who live outside of Minnesota or Iowa must attend appointments in person. Our evaluators are not licensed outside of Minnesota and Iowa and we can therefore only evaluate clients who are in the states where we are licensed.   

For questions about evaluations, please contact Katie and 

Since our inception in 2014, we have provided sex offense specific therapy and/or psychosexual evaluations in over thirty-one Minnesota counties. 

Cost of Evaluations


This cost applies to assessments for both adolescents and adults. 

We do not bill insurance for psychosexual evaluations. For clients who are private pay, we require a minimum initial payment of $1,250 at the time of your first appointment. We require that the balance be paid prior to the release of the final evaluation. If a third party is paying for your evaluation (such as a public defender's office or other county department), we will need confirmation of this from that party prior to beginning the evaluation process. 

If testimony is requested, we ask this be requested at the time of referral (for assessment clients) so that we can plan ahead for court dates in our schedule. The cost of testimony is separate from the cost of evaluations. 

Image of the ATSA logo

Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abuse

Skipped Parts, LLC has developed a reputation of providing research-guided evaluations with clear recommendations for courts and probation to consider when making decisions.  When we conduct these assessments, we  uphold the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA) 2014 guidelines for psychosexual assessments by reviewing the client’s risk for recidivism, identifying strengths and discussing protective factors relative to the client, providing recommended types and intensity of interventions, identifying criminogenic needs/dynamic risk factors to be targeted through interventions, and commenting on responsivity factors that may impact the client’s response to interventions. 

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Referral Form

If you are a professional and would like to make a referral for a psychosexual evaluation, please complete the referral form and send the completed form to us at 

If you are a potential client seeking an evaluation, please contact Katie via email or call 763-363-3036. Thank you!